Cheyenne's Resources For The Future:
The Belvoir Ranch and The Big Hole Properties

Located 16 miles west of Cheyenne, Belvoir Ranch and The Big Hole consist of 18,800 acres with an additional 3,400 acres of land leased from the Sate of Wyoming. The landscape is a rich mosaic of ecologies, from rolling prairie to spectacular red rock canyon, supporting antelope, deer, small mammals, and varied bird species, including golden eagles.

The 2003 purchase of Belvoir Ranch was funded by the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) to expand to City's water supply, and by the Department of Public Works for a possible landfill site. The property has functioned as a working cattle ranch since 1874. In addition to recreation, the property also offers potential for "green energy" development, including wind and solar power.

The Big Hole was purchased in 2005 from the Nature Conservancy, which holds a conservation agreement on the property. The property will remain natural, allowing selected, low-impact recreational activities. The Big Hole will be managed through a partnership between the City of Cheyenne, Larimer County and the Nature Conservancy.

The master plan for these properties, presented in this document encompasses both purchased and leased lands, with proposals for improvements on leased lands subject to the State Land Board approval process. The Master Plan will be adopted to complement PlanCheyenne, the Cheyenne Area Plan.

What is The Plan?

The Belvoir Ranch Master Plan creates a foundation from which to plan and implement use of the City's Belvoir Ranch and Big Hole properties southwest of Cheyenne. The plan provides background analysis on the properties, an overview of best development and management practices, a vision statement, future land use map, and policies for the area, and implementation strategies for the plan.

Current Activities:

A good catchphrase for Belvoir Ranch is Still the West, because activities that currently take place at the Ranch are typical for those that have historically taken place in the western United States. These include cattle grazing, growing hay, hunting, and energy development.

Originally purchased for municipal water development and a possible landfill site, these uses have ongoing research and development activities currently taking place. The ranch provides the community with abundant possibilities that also include energy development and recreational uses.

Implementation of the Master Plan will be community driven and will be dependent upon future funding dedicated to implementation of the plan. Currently, the Big Hole is accessible from the south via Larimer County's Red Mountain Ranch Open Space trail network. For directions and information on accessing the Big Hole view the Soapstone Prairie Trails Brochure. The Belvoir Ranch is not currently open to the public, but can be accessed via city sponsored Ranch Tours.

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