Planning Process

The Belvoir Ranch Master Plan was adopted by the Cheyenne Governing Body on August 20, 2008 to guide the future use and management of this important community resource. The following files provide access to this plan via one large file or multiple sections.

Full Plan

Belvoir Ranch Complete Plan (33MB PDF)

Plan Sections

Executive Summary

Executive Summary (5.2MB PDF)

Snapshot Phase

The purpose of the Snapshot Phase is to identify all pertinent background information necessary to create a plan for the property. Concise Snapshot reports will be created for a variety of topics. This section of the plan and website will also serve as the 'atlas' for the project and include a series of maps detailing existing conditions on the Ranch.

Snapshot Atlas (3MB PDF)
Snapshot Maps (9MB PDF)

Structure Phase

The purpose of the Structure phase is to determine and describe the vision for the Belvoir Ranch and Big Hole properties, as well as documenting the existing and preferred character of the site.

Structure Final (3.5MB PDF)
Opportunities/Constraints Map (4MB PDF)

Shape Phase

The Shape Phase of work set the stage for developing a more detailed land use plan and policies for decision making. The products from this phase include:

Shape Final (6MB PDF)
Master Development Plan Map (1MB PDF)
Economic Value (1MB PDF)

Build Phase

This section of the plan builds on work from the SHAPE phase to identify detailed steps and strategies for how to implement the plan. Draft BUILD materials are available to download as follows:

Build Final (2MB PDF)
Build Final Maps (1MB PDF)